Why people succeed in MLM (and why others don’t)

Photo by Bailey Weaver (CC BY)

I have tried a bunch of network marketing opportunities and I’ve failed in most of them so I was skeptical the last time that I was invited into a business presentation. I figured it’s all the same and that I would probably fail again.

Skeptical as I am, I decided to sign up and guess what – this time I succeeded.

I did not succeed right away and I actually failed (horribly) during my first few months but everything changed when I did this one simple thing.

What did I do different?

This will be counter-intuitive but what I did was I did not focus at all in making money. Instead I focused all of my time in building a great and genuine relationship with people.

That my friend is the secret.

Those who fail focus on making money and those who succeed focus on building great relationships.

What about the sale you ask?

That is easy. After the relationship is built, your new best friend will naturally ask about how you make a living. Then and only then will you make your pitch.

How much time should you spend in building a relationship? As long as it takes. You will be surprised however that most of the time it does not take that long provided that you do it from the heart.

Lastly, it is impossible to do this if your business opportunity is a scam or if you do not believe 100% in your product or in the opportunity that you offer.

Are you in MLM? If so you should start building relationships now. If on the other hand you are not into MLM yet then I suggest that you get started – I can help you with that.

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