Why Hunting For New MLM Companies Is A Bad Idea

Photo by Alexander Mueller (CC BY)

New is not always better in network marketing which is why hunting for new MLM companies is a really bad idea. MLM companies are a dime a dozen nowadays. It’s very easy to start a new company but really hard to keep it running.

This is why I shy away from new network marketing companies even if they offer me special spots at the top.

When you do MLM, you’re not really selling just the company and their products, you are first and foremost selling yourself – you, your reputation. The moment you offer your business opportunity to someone, you are practically vouching for the company that you’re in.

And if it collapses like a house of cards then, well, you’re chances of being ruined just changed from very little to almost certain. Stick to companies that have been around for at least 3 years. 5 to 10 years is better.

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