5 Businesses that will make you money this 2017

There’s something about new years that push people to think of business ideas to make money whether it be offline or online. Now that 2017 is fast approaching I think it’s about time to think again….

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Making Twitter and Facebook Send You More Traffic

How would like to have Twitter and Facebook send you thousands of website traffic every month without costing you a single penny? Wouldn’t that be cool? Yeah, I thought so… Just about everyone with a…

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Blog Promotion Techniques that Work

So you’ve built your blog. If you have any plans of anybody else beside ma and grandma seeing it then your next logical step is to find a way to promote it. Luckily, blog promotion…

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Why Choose WordPress for Blogging?

Among the many blogging platform choices out there, why do I recommend WordPress? I’ve found a cool infographic about it but before I share it with you, here’s my take on things: WordPress is arguably the…