Racing Against and Knowing Your Competition

The city buses in Metro Manila Philippines are arguably the kings of the road. Riding one of them can be compared to a roller coaster ride (I’m sure they’ll make loops if they can).

These buses never waste time. There’s also a lesson to be learned.

The bus driver’s job is to drive as fast as he can. He looks at the road and weaves through it at dizzying speeds. He overtakes other buses if he can and makes sure that his bus is always ahead of the competition.

The driver however is just half of the team. The other half is the bus conductor. Besides collecting bus fares and issuing tickets, it’s also the conductor’s job to call for passengers and more importantly, check out the other buses on the road.

As the driver races against the competition, the conductor checks out the signboards in front of each bus they overtake. He watches out for buses traveling the same route and informs the driver about it so he knows who to race against.

Needless to say, such team work can be applied to any business. It’s not only important to stay ahead of your competition. One must also be pro-active in knowing the competition.

Meanwhile, I’ll enjoy this bus ride that I’m on right now.

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