Learning from Failures

The year 2010 has been a year of testing for me. I’ve tested a lot of business ideas and business approaches as well as tried more than a handful of online earning opportunities. While I did hope for all of them to be successful and yes I tried to make them succeed, many of them just failed. In fact only a very very very select few made it through 2011.

The nice part though is that I learned a lot from these failures. Each failure is a thing for me to ponder on – why did it fail? Could I have done better? These questions and more helped me filter out distractions and allowed me to focus on developing only a couple of skills, namely programming and marketing.

I discovered that I am not a product developer but I can program like a god when the specifications are in place. I also realized that I am quite OK in marketing too but I do need to sharpen up that part of me still.

All in all, I do not regret having tried all those things back in 2010 nor do I cry on my failures. I am happy I tried and I am glad to have failed. It made me a better me.

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