How to Create Your First Blog in 10 Minutes or Less

I recently found out that a bunch of my readers don’t have their own blogs yet so I decided to write this post on how to create a blog in 10 minutes or less. For those who already have a blog, please feel free to share this post to your friends who don’t have their blogs yet and hopefully everybody will enjoy having their first blog.

Nowadays, creating a blog is easier than you may have thought. It wasn’t so back in the old days when people have to wrestle with HTML and FTP and a handful of other people-scaring technical acronyms just to create and manage a blog. Today, everything is point and click – thanks to technology and WordPress.

So here’s a short video for you to watch. I hope you enjoy it!

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Go out there and create your first WordPress blog now!

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  1. You did it Mike! this is a great resource for someone starting out blogging! I was fortunate enough to have a coach who set my blog up for me but I’ll be bookmarking this article for future reference for friends etc who want to start a blog!
    Great work!

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