Happy Feet: Telling is NOT Doing

Welcome to the fourth part of a six-part series on Happy Feet: Penguin Business Lessons. We talked about “them”, the people that affect your business and business decisions. Them being your friends, your believer and the rest of the world. From this point onward however, we will talk about someone more important and that’s YOU.

Believe it or not, I myself am learning as I type each and every word of this series. It makes me think about the things I’m doing not just in my business but in life as a whole. It’s changing me day by day and I hope that it’s doing the same to you.

Lovelace, the guru. A penguin so respected that other penguins are willing to spend their entire day looking for the perfect pebble to offer to him so they can hear his words of wisdom. There are many Lovelaces in this world, for all you know you might be one. But who is Lovelace.

He’s been to a place no one has ever been before and that’s just about it. To this Lovelace adds some mystery to his story which tickles the minds of his listeners even more. But Lovelace is nothing more than a pretty face with a good story. He speaks of love but has never experienced love himself. He lies about the thing around his neck saying that it’s been bestowed upon him by some mysterious being.

People love to listen to his stories and don’t get me wrong here, Lovelace is getting a lot of pebbles for his service which we can translate to money in our world. After all, he’s a guru!

Well, it’s easy to become a guru nowadays. All you need is a good webmaster and a good copywriter and you’re pretty much there. Come up with a good eBook with a mysterious title and a spanking new salespage and you’ll be making money.

And then there are the “real” gurus. Those who do more than just talking. The question is which one are you? The talker or the doer? Do you tell stories you never really have encountered? Do you lie? Or do you do things according to your business plans? Do you take action and learn from your mistakes? Do you tell real stories to those who are willing to listen?

Telling is NOT Doing and we all know that. Sometimes, we tell stories so good we even convince ourselves it’s true. Well, that will get you somewhere but I don’t seriously think it will get you anywhere near your real goal in life.

As NIKE would say, Just do it!

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