Happy Feet: Penguin Business Lessons

Have you ever watched the movie Happy Feet? I know I did and I watched it a bunch of times over the years. Still it never fails to encourage me to pursue my dreams not just for my family and myself but also for my community.

As such, this whole week will be dedicated to sharing with you the lessons that I’ve learned from this awesome penguin movie. If you have not watched it yet, then I suggest that you go out and rent a DVD or buy one and watch it after you read this blog post. It’s a great movie for the entire family to watch.

Happy Feet is about a penguin named Mumble who is way different than the rest of his kind. He is so different that even his own father begins to be ashamed of him.

All throughout this week we will be talking about the traits and personalities of some of the movies characters and how they can be applied to your business. It’s going to be divided into six different chapters and they are:

  1. The Wave and the Surfers
  2. There is Always a Believer
  3. A Band that Follows
  4. Telling is NOT Doing
  5. The Great One
  6. Why Different is Good

What can you expect out of this 6-part series are:

  • Identifying the personalities of the different people around you
  • Getting strength from people who believe in you
  • Not everything the “gurus” say are true
  • Focusing on being great instead of just being good
  • Defying the norms in attaining success

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