Facebook vs Google Plus – What Works Best For You?

Which Social Networking Site Brings You More Traffic?

The debate is still up in the air ever since Google entered the social networking game with Google+ and it appears that there is still no clear answer. Both sites have their own strengths and weaknesses but more importantly, they have very different demographics and their users seem to have very different personalities.

Flat out, I’ll say that at this point, I’m more of a Facebook guy. It suits my lifestyle and it appears that the people I am targeting mostly hang out in Facebook than in Google+. I am not saying that Google+ is not from me, fact is I haven’t really focused much on it and so it would be unfair to say that it doesn’t work for me.

As usual, my curiosity pushed me to Google search where I found this Infographic that pretty much details the major differences of the two.

Facebook vs Google

Infographic by Pardot.com

From this I clearly understood why Facebook has more appeal to me. Google+ requires more “intimate” interaction than Facebook in order to get feedback. Facebook is more about one-click likes and spurts of comments which I prefer. I also think that my posts become more viral in Facebook than in Google+.

So what about you? Which of the two social networking giants work better for you? Which of the two sends you more traffic – Facebook or Google+.

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