A Wealth’s Worth

A wealth's worthEvery human being has the economic need of creating and obtaining wealth. Because of the demands of our world today, this particular need has become one of our priorities and even in some people, a personal goal in itself. But let us examine first, what comprises our definition of wealth.

The dictionary tells us that wealth is defined as abundance of valuable possessions or money and the state of being rich or material prosperity. Wealth is also synonymous with opulence, riches, affluence and fortune. Most of us associate wealth with money. To be wealthy, you have to really rich. And so goes the famous pop song; “I wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad…”

If you have a clear definition of what wealth is, then most likely, you know the things that you put value on. Why did I say this? It is because in order to determine the things that bring you wealth, you must know what things have the most value for you. True, that most of us will associate wealth with riches and money but there will be a certain few would say that health, family and friends are their wealth.

Knowing what you value the most is a crucial step in determining your personal definition of wealth as well as the things that make you feel wealthy despite a simpleton living. And reflecting more on what you value the most also reveals your life philosophy and the life course that you would like to take.

So go ahead and ask yourself:

  1. What are the things that you value the most?
  2. Are they making you wealthy at the same time?

Let us know your answers to these two questions in the comments section below.

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